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About Angel Riders #1301

CMA's Lifeblood

Angel Riders is made up of CMA members uniting for a common purpose of spreading the light of Christ. Angel Riders realizes that the true strength comes in working together, for it is through the network of CMA chapters that Angel Riders is able to work events to build relationships that lead to the opportunities to tell people about Christ. If you want to see God in action, being a part of the Angel Riders CMA chapter is a good place to be.

Angel Riders recognize that they are part of something bigger than themselves and make an effort to support the overall vision of the ministry. Strong vibrant Angel Riders are critical if we are going to fulfill the mission God has given us. If Angel Riders suffers, the ministry suffers. A good Angel Riders chapter is balanced, including each of these four areas in its scope:

Services: Who We Are


Sincerely seeking God and lifting up prayer needs

(Matthew 18:19; 21:22; Acts 1:14; 1 Timothy 2:8)


Spending time together having fun, visiting, and serving

(1 Thessalonians 5:11-17; Hebrews 3:13)


Mentoring and growing people

(Matthew 28:19; 2 Timothy 2:2)


Going out and looking for ministry opportunities

(Matthew 28:19)

Services: What We Do

Chapter Donations

Angel Riders 1301 has no dues/fees required for chapter membership. Angle Riders is selfsupporting through donations and approved fundraising projects. If you feel compelled to donate to the Angel Riders Chapter, donations are accepted through Zelle or checks mailed to Angel Riders at the Murrieta address below.

Services: Donate
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