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Chapter President

Elected to represent and lead members. When things go well, praises members and gives glory to God. When things do not go well, accepts the blame (even if not at fault). Doing so earns the respect of not only members, but the secular motorcycling community as well. -III:5


Chapter Vice President

Elected as a servant to the chapter. Performs the duties and responsibilities of any other position that may be absent/vacant. As a servant, has great influence. -III:5


Chapter Secretary

Organization is very important from the beginning to keep detailed and accurate records. Discuss any concerns with records with the Chapter President in a timely manner and work as a team to resolve them. -III:7

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Chapter Treasurer

Leads by example in accountability and in humility. People are more willing to follow a leader who is already doing a task. -III:9


Chapter Road Captain

Before planning a ride or leaving on a ride, remember to pray. If God is not in our plans, we waste our time. -II:9


Chapter Chaplain

God’s love is what drew us to Him in the first place. Allowing God’s love to flow through you will draw people closer to Christ. -III:10


Chapter RFS Team Lead

Has a passion for RFS, promotes the chapter’s RFS efforts, encourages members, and communicates regularly with the chapter and other RFS team leads. -III:10


Chapter RFS Secretary

Maintains accurate records of the chapter’s RFS donations and works with the National/International Support Center to maintain the data. -III:10


Chapter Newsletter Editor

Relays chapter, state, and national information, as well as ride and event plans, to all chapter members and selected non-members. The chapter newsletter gives the opportunity to encourage and challenge the members

through officers’ articles and contributing members' articles. -III:11

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Angel Riders Leadership Material

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